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We are glad to meet here:
Mr. Crypto Gay – CEO Founder Albetrage

Introduction Session

Host :
Hello @Michael_albetrage Welcome to the Bang Pateng community, It’s an honor to invite you to our community

Crypto Gay :
Hello, Thank You

Host :
Before we start our first session can you introduce yourself, your background and your team if you have a team working with you on Albetrage @Michael_albetrage

Crypto Gay :
My name is Michael, I am the co-founder of Albetrage. I have worked with many crypto project before hooking up with David to develop albetrage, am happy to be here

Host :
Thanks for sharing your background. Good. AMA let’s get started.

Well we will continue to the first session, in this session I will give a question about Albetrage, if you feel you have enough to give an answer, you can say “done”.

Crypto Gay :
Okay, sure

SESI 1 (Poject Introduction)

Q1. Can you introduce yourself to the community.

Hello everyone, am happy to be here. My name is David, I am the CEO of Albetrage platform. I have been in the crypto space since 2014, I have experienced the good and bad associated with cryptocurrencies and also betting. I am a believer that betting should be a form of investment where a return is guaranteed. This is the major reason why we develop Albetrage platform, thanks.

Q2. Can you introduce Albetrage to our community?

Albetrage is an anonymous arbitrage betting platform for arbers. It comes as a necessity since before now many people have been losing their money to the bookies. Albetrage will change all that, it empowers the users to bet without the fear of losing.

You don’t need to know sport or study teams before you can use Albetrage, someone that has never bet before can use Albetrage. It turns betting into a form of guaranteed investment. A user most win money anytime he/she bets correctly using Albetrage. Thanks

Q3. What are the core features of Albetrage? How are you different and unique from all other projects out there?

Albetrage is the first project in the world, both in crypto and non-crypto space that guarantees a return on betting. Nobody has done this before. We achieved this using a process know as Arbitrage. If you notice in crypto space right now, everyone is doing the same thing, defi platforms everywhere and that’s why is hard for investors to make money now.

But we are different and have the potential of attracting millions of people to crypto space and also we believe that ATE will witness over 3000% increase once everything is fully implemented. Right now, we have Staking module on Albetrage platform that gives up to 16% return and access to premium features of Albetrage. Also you can mine BTC, ETH and TRX anytime you bet with ATE on on casino platform.

Q4. I saw that Albetrage has its token named $ATE, can you explain what the token is $ATE? What benefits can we get if we hold tokens $ATE? And how to buy?

ATE plays a big role, it is the utility token that enables transactions on Albetrage platform. I will honestly tell you that ATE has a big future ahead, We are working on many apps and dapps that are in the final stages now and every one of them will use ATE.

Also we already have a working platform that creates massive demand for ATE, Albetrage also has a staking modules where users can stake their ATE and recieves huges benefits, which includes, upto 16% returns on staked amount and also access to premium features of Albetrage platform which gives 30% returns on bet capital.

Due to uniqueness of Albetrage, ATE will likely witness upto 4000% increase. Currently, we are having presale, you can buy ATE by going to , copy the TRX address there, send TRX to the address and you will receive ATE to the address you sent TRX from, also if you want to buy with BTC, Eth or USDT, you can contact @michael_albetrage Thanks

Q5. Nowadays Farming or staking is very popular. Have you provided your Farming or Staking Facility to $ATE Investors? if you have, can you explain how to staking and farming $ATE?

Like I said earlier, we have a staking app integrated into Albetrage, which gives upto 16% return of staked amount. The process is very simple and takes just seconds to stake. We also have an app that enables users to mine BTC and TRX anytime he/she bets with ATE on our casino site.

A user don’t need to do anything, once he/she places a bet using ATE, automatically, BTC or TRX will be added to his/her account depending on the amount of ATE placed. Thanks

SESI 2 (Twitter Question)

Crypto Gay :
Gambling is to take risky action or betting in the hope of a desired result or making gains. If you read our whitepaper well, you will notice that we discourage betting or gambling. Is risky and often result in loss. That’s why we introduce Albetrage, with albetrage, you will win every time you bet. There’s no loss.

We choose Trc-20 instead or Erc-20 because of the speed of transactions, which is almost instant, also because of the cost of transactions which is very cheap. We planned on developing our own Blockchain once we are massively adopted.

Crypto Gay :
The best way to stand out is to solve a problem many people are facing. Albetrage solved the major issue millions of bettors faced all over the world, that is the issue of winning bet. The bookies set their odds in a way that gives them the upper hand. Though they promises huge payout, but they makes it extremly difficult for users to win, let me tell you, more than 70% of bettors loses their money in the long run.

That where albetrage comes in, we makes it possible for bettors to bet using cryptocurrency without losing. No platform in the world has done this before both in crypto and non-crypto space, we are the first and the only platform for now. This alone will attract millions of people to crypto space.

If you notice now, almost everyone is doing the same thing (defi platforms), that’s why is hard for investors to make gains now, but we are unique and different, this will help our investors to make huge profits. Thanks

Crypto Gay :
Albetrage is not the normal betting platform you know, it is unique and different, it offers only arbitrage odds, let’s me give you an example, let’s say Nadal and federa are playing a match, on bet365, Nadal to win is 1.7 odds, and federa to win is 2.3 odds.

Now what Albetrage does is to offer Nadal to win as 2.0 odds, and federa to win as 1.01 odds. If you bet both options on bet365, you may win or lose. But is you select Nadal to win on Albetrage platform and federa to win on bet365, you have covered the two options.

A user with 100 USD, using our Arbitrage calculator to calculate how much to bet on each platform, will bet 46 USD on federa (2.3 odds) at bet365 and 54 USD on Nadal (2.0 odds) at Albetrage platform, it can only end in profit for the bettor no matter how the game ended, he will make 6.9% gain on his capital either at bet365 or Albetrage platform.

It is no more betting for the user, the betting now is between Bet365 and Albetrage. I encourage everyone to read our whitepaper to understand more, thanks

Crypto Gay :
Honestly, it was not easy working during covid 19, especially due to restrictions in some countries, but we are different, we have great team members, we have been working on this project for like a year now and we have been using our private funds, most projects rush into presale in order to raise funds that they will use to build their platforms but we decided to do that with our funds.

But honestly, every company needs as much funds as they can get, running a successful company needs funds, that’s why big company like Amazon, tiktok still sell shares.

Crypto Gay :
Currently there’s no existing platform that does what we are doing. If you notice, since the first defi came out, everyone has been doing the same thing, that’s why investors does not make much profits anymore, but we are different, I know that very soon, many projects will try to copy us but we being the first will always be ahead. ATE will have massive growth due to the problem that Albetrage solves.

We also have staking app on Albetrage platform that returns upto 16% interest on staked amount. We also have a mining app that gives you BTC and TRX each time you bet with ATE token.

SESI 3 (Telegram Question)

Danish♨️ | @danish378
What makes your project different from others and what are some of it is practical usecases?

Crypto Gay :
Like I always say, 90% percent of crypto projects now are doing the same thing. But we are different in Many ways. We are doing something no body in the world has done or are doing. We have a working platform that guarantees that you win anytime you place a bet. We also have staking app integrated into the platform. Thanks

🥶 ama Lover 💥💥 | @pk098776
Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What does you think about listing the token on the leading exchanges?

Crypto Gay :
We have reached an agreement with two big exchanges to list ATE, they will announce it soon and also we will list in some decentralised exchanges. We will definitely list on all big crypto exchanges including binnance, but we are taking it one step at a time. Right now, we are more concerned about creating awareness. Thanks

Takutukur | @koyke
I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, do you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically and also invite developers to build?

Crypto Gay :
Yes, we have a bounty program ongoing, we welcome hackers to try our platform and contact us if they find any bugs or issues, they will be hugely rewarded though depending on how big the issue it. Visit to particpate, thanks

Fdf | @sen_sui
a lot of scam projects out there, guess what guarantees that your project is different from them.

Crypto Gay :
Honestly, most times, I blame investors rather than scam project. Most projects now don’t have anything to offer, is easy to spot such projects but you will still see people investing in such projects, just because the owner promised 4x interest after listing. I advise investors to invest in only project that solves real issues and that have a working platform already like Albetrage, that’s the only way to make money, not investing based on promises

Kathy Ann | @kathyannn
By doing so many AMA recently, what did you expect from us? So far, is there any benefits did you achieve from it and did it bring a change to Albetrage ecosystem?

Crypto Gay :
I expect bang pateng users to join our channels and our platform and to also buy ATE now that we are having presale, is the only time ATE will be cheap, soon once we kick off, ATE will definitely grow over 5000% because of what we offer . Thanks


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