Thank you to the Bang Pateng Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Odinala Network on September 30th, 2020. This guest star Team Odinala. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 5th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Mr. Emmanuel – Head of Communication

Mr. Joseph – Head of Business Development

Mr. Tony – Software Engineer

Mr. Mike – Tech Design

Mr. Zubair – Lead Blockchain Developer

Mr. Snazzyo20 – Marketing Executive

Introduction Session

Before we start our first segment kindly introduce yourself to the community?

(Mr. Joseph)

Hi Guys I’m Joseph, I’m currently a project manager at one of the world’s largest market research firms which specialises in financial services and Management consulting. I have a background in property and real estate management and acquisition, while also being an avid crypto trader and blockchain fan. I have a professional and academic background and hold a masters in Business and my main role here is strategy, business development and building partnerships with relevant property personal and entities.

(Mr. Mike)

Hi guys, Mike here. I’m part of the Odinala technology engineers. I’m currently working for one of the biggest insurance companies in the UK as part of the technology team at HQ in London city. I’m a blockchain enthusiast and believe the future of blockchain is now. Experience working in both start up and corporate ecosystems both home in Dublin and abroad in London has nurtured my love for innovative solutions driven technology. Prior experience working with the Ernst & Young tech team. UI/UX, tech digital assets and innovation have driven and cultivated me to acquire a broad technology based skill-sets adaptable to real world problems. I’m excited to be here with the Odinala team answering your questions.

(Mr. Zubair)

Hi Guys I am Zubair, the lead blockchain developer on Odinala. My crypto experience started in 2017 when I met one of the lead developers for Z-Coin and started working on a stable coin backed by a basket of different currencies, Since then I have consulted on different crypto projects from track and trace projects on hyper ledger’s sawtooth and tokenizing metals on Stellar. I have presented at Ethereum meetups here in Dublin and also have a lot of experience in pitching crypto currency projects to Angel Investors. I am really excited today to talk to you about Odinala.

(Mr. Snazzyo20)

Hello everyone, I’m the marketing exec here at Odinala. As a serial entrepreneur  I have worked with several blockchain companies in the past, partnering with companies and organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the ZSE. As marketing exec for Odinala I am in charge of social media marketing, outreach, and business development.

Question Segment 1

Q1. Could you please describe what is Odinala Network $ODN?

Odinala aims to bridge the gap between emerging blockchain technology and the everyday investor. We want to empower everyday people with the ability to invest in the property market, which is primarily available only to the rich due to significant barriers to entry.

The Odinala marketplace makes real estate investing a reality and mitigates issues surrounding ownership using blockchain tokenization. This platform is aimed at disrupting the real estate industry by digitizing real world assets, lowering the barrier to entry, allowing small scale investors to profit from otherwise expensive assets.

Odinala DEX on the other hand gives investors the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies and access to other services such as collateralized lending, peer to peer trading and more.  Our native Odinala token will be used for governance, in-app subscriptions, trading fees and discounts for tokenized asset investments.

Q2. How are you different and unique from all other projects out there?

The Odinala marketplace makes real estate investing a reality for those unable to buy properties in their locality possible through the blockchain.This platform is aimed at disrupting the real estate and transportation industry by digitizing real world assets, essentially lowering the barrier to entry. This opens ODN to big and small investors

Q3. Can you explain, the latest developments of Odinala Network?

We have just kicked our presale 1 which will close in the next day or so, Managed to raise around 20% of our total Funding target in less than 24 hours and will look towards hosting the next rounds of presales in the next few days.

We are also finalising and adding the correct partnerships to our repertoire to ensure we have the right assets for our community available

Q4. We are very happy that the $ ODN Odinala pre-sale has started on September 27th, So what are your upcoming plans in a couple of month/years?

Due to the innovative nature of the Odinala network we will have a thriving ecosystem of DeFi and NFT with a market cap of over 1 billion dollars. We also expect to be a massive disruptor in the real estate space being able to provide remote ownership of real estate to people across the planet.

We also aim to have our own block chain so we can reduce fees for ODN users and decouple from others

This ecosystem will be built out over the next 5 years and we hope that tokenized real-estate can provide our investors with long term financial security mitigating some of the volatility involved with investing in crypto projects

Question from Twitter

Q1. many projects promise about long term benefits but in fact they are not. Can you please explain whether Odinala is able to provide long term benefits.

We have incorporated several methods to encourage users to hold our tokens long term. Until our dex has been built we are working to finalise partnerships to enable users stake their ODN tokens. Staking ODN tokens initially will give early adopters a chance to earn a 5- 15% discount on all tokenized assets on our marketplace. This incentive will be subsidised by the team to benefit all Holders of ODN token.

Additional 20% of all revenue will be distributed to all stakers of ODN token annually on top of the normal staking rewards. We hope to create an ecosystem where investors hold long term to gain more value and profit from our project.

We will also be adding 60% of funds raised as liquidity during uniswap listing locked for 18 months and will vest some funds raised during presale to maintain future liquidity if needed. We are here to stay for the long term

Q2. Odinala offers in its trading service a low cost fees. Do you refer to the fees that the platform charges or also a reduction in the gas that generally must pay the users? How do you achieve this reduction?

the longterm goal for Odninala is to have our own blockhain so we can have a higher control of the gas costs. This will decouple our dependency from congested networks such as ethereum allowing us to offer reduced transaction costs through out the system.

Q3. When will the pre-sale program of OdinalaNetwork take place? how can we participate in your Presale? What are the requirements and minimum amount to buy?

We’re actually in the middle of the first round of our Presale. This is the first and cheapest round. We will be burning the remaining tokens in this round and then proceed with round 2 & 3.  We will follow the same process with the remaining rounds. Public sale and uniswap listing will take place after all presales rounds have completed. Please see the details below.

Pre-sale 1 — (1,500,000 ODN (18.75%) 1 ETH = 4053 – In Progress

Pre-sale 2 — (500,000 ODN (6.25%) 1 ETH = 3695 – Pending

Pre-sale 3 — ( 500, 000 ODN 6.25%) 1 ETH = 3359 – Pending

There is no max buy-in and the minimum buy-in for the sale is 0.05 eth.

Instructions to participate are in our announcements channel and pinned in our group @OdinalaNetwork

Q4. What are the main goals you want to achieve in the next 2 year? What are your plans for growing? How do you increase the crypto participants’ understanding of the Odinala Network?

to give you an indication of our plans going forward

please check out our roadmap

Q2 2020

Private fundraiser for the project launch

Development team formation

Targeted market research

Economic Regulation Analysis

Q3 2020

Website goes live

Finalised whitepaper and launch

Partnerships & Advisors formation

Q4 2020

ODN Token Sale

Initial Exchange Listing

Multiple exchange listings

Github Code release

Smart contract auditing by 3rd party

Staking Goes Live

Full Marketing Campaign

End to End Testing & Launch of Odinala Marketplace

Development of Odinala Mainnet

Q1 2021

Partner with financial institutions in target markets.

Finalise Development of Odinala Mainnet

User testing of Odinala Dex

We are also working with some key influencers to help promote our community to the right people nd also help educate all those that are interested

please check out our twitter to stay up to date and remain informed @odinalanetwork

Q5. What opportunities does Odinala Network offer to real estate investors in the new crypto markets?

ODN aims to bridge the gap between emerging blockchain technology and the everyday investor. We want to empower everyday people with the ability to invest in the property market, which is primarily available only to the rich due to significant barriers to entry.  At the Odinala Network we will be tokenizing property and allowing people to invest what they are comfortable investing and jointly own the investment with other token holders and still realize the rate of return on the investment without the upfront cash that is traditionally required for property management and development. This project will change the way property investment occurs in the near future. The DEX allows for more global and integrated cross border capabilities, through this feature we aim to tackle remittances, peer to peer trading, collateralized lending and more. Join the revolution and be part of the change that the world needs. We have also integrated staking capabilities and 20% of all fees generated on the Odinala products will be distributed to users who stake their tokens on the platform.

Segment Free Asking

Q1. Today in every sector our slogan is “PRIVACY IS OUR RIGHT”. How would your project offer a Blockchain Privacy Protection for users?

Privacy is something we take seriously at Odinala .  All you need is the ODN token to purchase assets on the market place without providing additional login details, furthermore we are in the process of adding extra functionality to the dex where you will be able to lend without exposing even your public address

Q2. Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your?

ODN aims to bridge the gap between emerging blockchain technology and the everyday investor. We want to empower everyday people with the ability to invest in the property market, which is primarily available only to the rich due to significant barriers to entry. As professionals, who are a mixture of property/crypto owners, developers and enthusiasts we understand the complex barriers to entry in the space and we want to help lower these barriers to entry leveraging the stability of the real estate market and the security and revolutionary power of crypto. We are a group of friends who largely grew up together in Ireland went to college and went to our respective fields but have now reunited and are now spread across Dublin, London and Switzerland to change the real estate Industry forever!

Q3. What is the GAP you are addressing in the market? What is the opportunity you are exploring? What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Hi friend thanks for your question

Decentralization Blockchain commands trust and security as a decentralized technology. Information stored in the blockchain is accessible to all peers on the network, making data transparent. ODN wil take our own path in the Defi revolution as we understand the importance of allowing small investors to have a chance at investing in real estate. We found that by tokenizing tangible investment and merging tech solution we can try to mitigate the often unfair markets that cater to only big investors.

Q4. what is the minimum purchase, sir? how does $ODN work and what is its security like? 5 years is too long, for your own network, why does it have to be 5 years sir? and where do we get it?

How to buy ODN Tokens in Presale 1.

1 Ether = 4053 ODN

There are 2 ways of purchasing ODN Tokens

1. You can send ether to the below contract address and you will automatically receive ODN tokens.

Contract Address PRE-SALE 1 :  0x2414E5A9Db776D971E41D480d7BD6FcB18886a64

2. Secondly you can head over to the website

You can then connect your metamask and make the purchase directly to your metamask.

Please add the following to your wallet so that you can see the tokens in your wallet:





For investors who hold and stake ODN tokens, the following vesting periods and discounts are available:

● 6 month vesting, 5% discount

● 1 year vesting, 10% discount

● 1.5 year vesting, 15% discount

This is a long term project with long term aspirations and we want to operate and work as such

Q5. What is the most ambitious goal of your project? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Hi Friend, Thanks for your question.

The most ambitious goal of our project is to gain universal adoption in emerging markets and be able to be a part of the positive change needed in the world. Sure, we have presale two coming up, our website and white paper is now live, we will also in the future be coming out with incentive program to encourage holders of ODN token.

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