Thank you to the Bang Pateng Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with PolypuX on October 08th, 2020. This guest star  Marco Krüger – CCO & Software Engineer. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 6th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Marco Krüger – CCO & Software Engineer

Introduction Session

Before we start our first segment kindly introduce yourself to the community?

As PolypuX team, we consist of a core 6-person software team. We provide software services in important companies in America and some European countries. There are some people who were later included in our team and supported us in the field of crypto. We are currently working in a very harmonious way.

We met the crypto world thanks to PolypuX. We thought it was the right place to reflect our different ideas about social media platforms. That’s why we are with you today.

Question Segment 1

Q1. Could you please describe what is PolypuX $PUX?

Polypux – PUX: It is a system that gives rewards for activities on social media sites.

Polypux aims to provide profit to both the users of the system and its investors.

In short, PUX allows people to earn from interactions on social media rather than just wasting time on social media.

The awards earned in the system are paid to the users through buyback. Thus, it does not affect investors negatively.

Q2. I see that PolypuX has it own token, could you please explain about the token? What benefits can we get when we hold the token? And can it be traded?

PUX token allows system users to assign tasks for their social media accounts and increase their own interactions.

For its investors, it provides big earnings thanks to the farm and stake system (will be active soon)

We let people to withdraw their tokens, they can use withdtrawal button easily to take their tokens to their wallets.

Q3. Now a days Farming is very popular. Do you have any plans of providing Farming Facility to $PUX Investor?

Farming system will be announced on the 15th of the month.

After the Farming system is being active, you will see how big awards are distributed according to the usage of the system.

People can earn both from using our platform and also they will earn more by investing to the tokens by farming.

Q4. How are you different and unique from all other projects out there?

We are a unique project because:

Social media sites always think about their own earnings. People use social media and these sites make money as a result of people’s use.

By reversing this, we aim to make users also earn money.

Q5. Can you explain, the latest developments of PolypuX?

We have done so many things in a very short period of time.

On the 15th of the month, the integration of DeFi and farm system will be announced.

After these, TikTok and YouTube will be integrated.

Then we will announce some partnerships and we will be joined a famous stock market.

You can visit our website and check our roadmap too.

Q6. Can you explain, what are your upcoming plans in a couple of month/years?

Short term goals : Defi, farm, stake systems. Integration of YouTube, TikTok and Facebook systems.

In the long term, being listed in at least 2 of the most well-known stock exchanges, the integration of the world’s most used social medias into the system, partnerships with famous brands.

Question from Twitter

Q1. Could you please elaborate more about your polypux? What’s the total supply and what kind of plans do you have regarding the token unlocks in the future?

A total of 80 million PUX tokens were produced.

There are 40 millions on the market.

The locked tokens will be released in 1 year as the nearest date.

Q2. What geographic markets is PolypuX focused on, since the banking system in different countries can be very different?

As PolypuX, we cannot say that we are just in this or that market.

We will take place wherever there are social media sites, from Europe to Asia everywhere.

We are a global platform, wherever people use social media, we will be there.

Q3. Adoption & Awareness about Platform is very important for any Creator as well as Users! So, What are your plans to attract More users as well as Creators with Non-crypto users too?

Our project was developed with an idea that could attract people from completely outside of this world to crypto world.

We offered users the opportunity to earn money while using social media, and the only place where they can withdraw this money is the crypto world.

In this way, a person who does not even hear the name of crypto will join this world.

It doesn’t matter where he/she lives, because they will be using their crypto money accounts.

Q4. Fund hacking/stealing is always a headache problem on any exchanges trading platforms. So how safety is the fund that is going to be kept on PolypuX? What will happen if there is problem with fund of users on PolypuX?

The Polypux system keeps tokens protected against hacking and attacks.

While the user’s tokens are protected, the same amount of tokens are added to the system as points, thus enabling them to perform their transactions safely.

Even if the user account is compromised, they cannot reach tokens.

Q5. Which social media platforms will initially be able to be connected with PolypuX solutions?

You can now connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

You can earn tokens from the interactions here.

Next week we will be adding YouTube and TikTok.

Our final goal is to add all the famous social media platforms in the world.

Segment Free Asking

Q1. –  What kind of content can be shared at Polypux? Will it be something similar to Instagram or Facebook? And how will we be able to benefit from our content?

–  How long will the tokens in the liquidity pools be stored? Do you have a system for progressively releasing the tokens?

Rather than being a social media platform, we aim for people to gain from the social media platforms they use.

We believe we have achieved this. Because tens of thousands of people registered in our system in a very short time and they already started to earn.

Maybe in the long term, maybe we can be a social media platform too, why not 🙂

Q2. Right now issuing a token is a rather simple process. However, building the system and ecosystem is the most difficult part. My question is, How will the demand of the token will increase and how will this token use within the  ecosystem?

The demand of the tokens increases by the number of users. We had so many users in a very short period of time. And the number of ht users grows day by day.

The usage of the token in the ecosystem, Pux token will be a exchange between the users accomplishing task and the advertisers.

Users also can withdraw their tokens to their wallets.

Q3. Given that we can earn $ PUX for doing assignments it is important to take very good care of the tasks at hand to avoid mistakes. But yesterday after I tried to do an assignment on your site there were a lot of mistakes which ended up getting me no points. How do you solve this problem?

The system applies a filter to new users to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Because security is our priority.

It seems like it is about our filter and your account.

Please don’t hesitate to write to me anytime you like.

we are here for you and your problems all the time.

Q4. What is the company structure of Polypux? Can you please explain it?

We have many partners in our company.

Also we have 11 friends working for us in their areas.

We will expand more when we need.

Q5. The hot new term in crypto is “YIELD FARMING”. Why did this get so hot right now? Do you have a plan to develop the Yeild Farming system?

Our software about farming is completed, now are testing the system.

15th of the month, we will announce the dates about farming.


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